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The hearing test last over an hour, the best test I was ever given. Most time anyone had ever spent with me. My hearing is almost 100% lost in right ear, and very bad in left. Every other hearing aide I had tried were useless. I just bought the Micro RIC 312 and it is such a miracle to actually be able to hear again after years of struggling with other hearing aides. In addition, I bought the Surflink Remote Microphone, with this my wife can... Read more

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Nothing but problems with these hearing aids. I bought Starkey brand but was given the Audible brand hearing aids. The doctor saying that Audible were Starkeys premium brand. Paid $6,500.00 for the pair of hearing aids. They were sent back to the factory for repair 4 times. Nothing but problems from day one. Buzz most of the time, they work when they want and the doctor fluffs me off when I complain. Finally the doctor told me to see a ear... Read more

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My name is Paul My experience was a good one. I got the latest inovation possible for my hearing experience.

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These 73-year-old ears were not satisfied with my Starkey aids. Went to a different place and he fit me with Audibel. Because of my trouble understanding words, he also gave me some exercises from Audibel that already are helping me better understand what people say. I am wearing $7,000 worth of hardware but it is well worth the cost. I have seen the resultant withdrawal from society by someone who could not hear. (Price includes three-year... Read more

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  • Jun 24
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Audibel please don't go in for hearing aids they deceive seniors and take your money the hearing aids are not worth what they cost !

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$3500 with only a 3 year warranty? The first ones out of the box didn't work so I should have left right then and there. The business kept telling me they were a good product with a 98% success rate. I guess I fell into the 2% category. For a retired person on a pension that is a lot of money. My insurance paid some but I had to sacrifice a lot to get mine. That comes out to $95 a month for a product that didn't help much at all and... Read more

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  • Jun 13
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Sun City, FL Audibel fraudulent sold appliances in a "bait & switch" two year old sold for new in December 2015. No resultion from corporate Seminole office or local dealer.

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I bought a pair of Audibel Silver series hearing aids in Feb. of 2013. I paid $6,000 for these hearing aids. I was completely ripped off. They stay broke all the time. When i thae them to be repaired i have to make an appointment that takes forever. It cost at least $300 every time i have them repaired. The "audiologist" that i take my hearing aids to is rude and disrespectful and doesnt adjust them right. She is no help at all. My overall... Read more

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I was fitted over 4 years ago, I was 39 years old and believe me it wasn't something that I was ready for, but it was getting harder and harder to hear my son which at the time was 9 yrs old. My loss was due to ototoxic medicine. I was fit in the Winter Haven office with a pair of CIC ( completely in canal), unfortunately those didn't work for me, I have a difficult hearing loss, but they worked with me until we were able to found something that... Read more

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I was exposed to active growing mold in the Brooksville Audibel office. I became very sick and had to seek medical attention, I wrote a letter to Mr. Wheeler and have never received a reply, obviously he does not care about my health or any ones health who visits his Brooksville office. The office smelled dirty, and it was found around there refrigerator, carpet, base boards and being vented through there air conditioning unit. making it... Read more

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