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Update by user Jun 20, 2013

Audible decided to repair my hearing aid at no cost, but stated that there would be no warranty on it.I have been using it for a couple of weeks now and it seems to be working ok.

They retested my hearing and reset both aids.I appreciate their support.

Original review posted by user May 20, 2013

My in the ear Audibles cost approximately $5000 and I thought that this company would be safer to deal with than all the quick pitch companies. I think I was wrong. After several adjustments, I became frustrated with settings and stopped wearing them. After several months I decided to give them another try. The right ear aid no longer worked.

I then opted to have it repaired. After a few weeks the repaired aid was ready for pickup and I was told that the repair would cost $295 and I started to wonder if Audible was the best place to purchase my hearing aids and I decided to try and get by with the left ear only.

The local Audible dealer tried to contact me about picking up the repaired device but I didn't like the idea of paying another $295, so I let them keep it.

After 2 years of frustration, I knew that I needed the aid. So I went to pick up my hearing aid. I paid the $295 and went to my vehicle with the right hearing aid. I put it in my ear and it did work. They decided they would contact Audible's repair division and see if they would repair it again. I am waiting for their reply but was told that if Audible would charge me for another repair, that I would have to pay again. This is not what I expected and it was not in my possession but in theirs. There is no proof how long after the repair was made that it again failed, but I honestly believe that it was long before the 2 year mark.

I was told that even though the hearing aid was inside a zip lock bag with no battery in it, that it could go bad from not being used. To this, I say B&*l S&^t. The left ear aid has worked the entire 5 years without a problem, but the right ear aid is defective and needs to be replaced. Not sure if Audible is going to take care of this or not, but I am hoping that they will do the right thing. I will update when I hear what their solution will be.

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Lavon, Texas, United States #931118

Electronics are made with the intentions of electricity flowing through them on a regular basis.When hearing aids are not used regularly, components can fail causing repairs.

Especially when they are not used for months or years at a time. I have been wearing hearing aids for two years now and have not had to repair either aid and can`t imagine being without them now. I am sorry to hear some of the complaints from some of you that have had a bad experience but I would say blame the individuals associated with the office in particular and not the company that built the aids. All of these offices are owned independently and represent themselves, not Audibel.

If they are misrepresenting or mistreating people then shame on them but I know of several reputable dealers for hearing aids and hope some of you don`t give up.I wish all of you happy hearing...!!!


Ok, to be fair, the dealership had to pay the manufacturer for the repair, although they added a BIG handling fee.They got stuck with the bill for two years until you picked up the hearing aid.

They probably paid for a 6 or 12 month warranty, which had expired when you picked it up. And yes, electronics can corrode sitting around from absorbing moisture, and it's hard on some controls when they never get used.

It happens, not BS.But they should have told you the price before the repair (and if they were smart, should have asked you to pay in advance--I would have!) Glad they got it fixed for you.

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