I went to the Lakeland office and was impressed with the excellent hearing test. Then my audiologist put in sample aids and i could hear! Then, the price: $5200 for two. I went to EBay and bought a used pair of the same units for $350. With batteries, wax filters and...
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That was my point. I got a deal because these were available pre-owned. The markups on hearing aids and other medical devices are huge. I bought a new CPAP for $400 programmed...


Why would you want the FTC to investigate something like this? You obviously bought a used unit that someone was selling because it was not needed for some reason. You got luc...

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My husband bought a pair of hearing aids from Clearwater, Fl. He also spent the extra $200 for the charger. Also, besides not hearing, he is legally blind. He was taken advantage of. I was with him all visits to the site. The charger doesn't hold a charge and the...
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I didn't like
  • Customer care
  • Cost
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Audibel - Horrible experience

Had my hearing aids over 1 year and they have seldom worked correctly, they now eat batteries (16 hrs only) . I believe they were defective from day 1!!! I was never told i had 45 days to return them. My insurance was never filed.
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Audibel - Husband got audibl hearing si

Got hearing aids about 9 months ago. Went faithfully for rechecks weekly & monthly getting hearing aids "readjusted". come home /can't hear people or TV.Will go back & ask for refund huh!! Fat chance. On social security. another senior citizen Screwed!
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I have in the ear bluetooth enabled hearing aids and there used to be a surflink battery that would mostly keep up with the power demands when I was using the hearing aids via bluetooth to my phone. Now I cannot find any that will work for more than a few seconds...
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My mother went in around 6 years ago & the Dr. gave her an old pair that goes around your ears that wouldn’t stay over her ears. He gave her a pair that was already there that someone didn’t want. He knew they were old timey & didn’t fit & she could never hear out of...
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D Mynatt

I'm just now looking into the hearing aid business. I need them, at least that is what I am told by my spouse. I do agree with him mostly.Reviews on Audibel are not at all fav...

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Audibel - Top of the line A2 RIC hearing aids

Paid $7,000 for a pair. Have been in to the factory several times for repairs. Now the original warranty has run out so it costs me $400 to repair. This industry robs seniors with sub-standard products and much inflated prices!
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Audibel - Call did not go through

Tried to call you phone number and got a lot of online questions and when i finally got chance to dial number it was fraudulent. Don’t know what’s going on with your company but you need to get it fixed before you loose a bunch of potential cumstomers.
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I previously wrote a letter complaining about Audibel - it was shown to have happened in Charlotte, N.C. - that is wrong it was Fort Myers, Florida-on Daniels Parkway, They told us the reason it did not work was because of wax in his ears - this is not correct and they...
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Contact Audibel

Mailing Address:
6700 Washington Avenue South
Eden Prairie, Minnesota 55344-3476
United States
(800) 769-2590
Went for appointment yesterday and yes it was all about the money. He put the aids in my ears which was amazing--first time hearing clearly in two years and then the price was the last thing he would discuss. Told me how they donated aids to people in other countries...
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I am sick and tired of their phony commercials numerous times everywhere!! I paid $3300 for one to try it out and got nothing but LOUD NOISE. Went back several times for so ...

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