Someone at my Mom's ALF stepped on her hearing aid and cracked the housing .I took it to the store in Brittin plaza and was told that it could not be repaired.

Then I took it to a store called new ear and in less than 5 minutes the owner came out from the back of the store and said ,it should be fine . He said he super glued it and put a new battery in it, no charge. I new I couldn't trust the people so I tape recorded the woman at the store saying that it had to be replaced for 3000.00. She also said the store would keep Mom's old Hearing aids in the event this happened so she could use one of the old ones .

They sold them to someone else.No Audibel for me!

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This sounds totally ridiculous.If they did this and you recorded them, why didn't you turn them in to the company in Minnesota?

They do not re-sell hearing aids, a reputable Audibel Hearing clinic.Maybe it was a mom and pop stand like you said "New Ear", but certainly not a Audibel franchise.


I have worn hearing aids for over 20 years and I could only say your review clearly sounds like you just want to shed a bad light on a good company.


first of all, super glue will not fix a hearing aid it actually damages it more...I am sure he did that so that your hearing aid will break and then you will go to him to purchase your new aid. I work with hearing aids...second off Audibel would not sell your used or broken hearing aid nor would any other hearing aid company that is ridiculous. Most likely they would keep it in the office for a certain amount of time just in case they needed to send it in and use it as a reference for your new hearing aid, after a certain amount of time they donate them to a foundation that refurbishes hearing aids and helps fit kids in other countries that could never afford to do anything for their hearing loss.

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